Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

Joy and Learn is a company furnishing schools, furnishing nurseries, and furnishing and preparing kids areas, as well as various educational and entertainment projects. Therefore, we at Joy & Learn always strive to reach the highest levels of efficiency and perfection in our products and projects. Therefore, we are always working to develop ourselves and work with various projects so that we can provide all the expertise that you need to implement and prepare your projects. Therefore, today we decided to present some of our favorite projects such as equipping nurseries, equipping schools, and equipping Kids areas, which we worked on preparing and furnishing throughout the first half of 2023. You can check it out and see it here in this article.

Educational furniture is one of the factors that most affect the learning environment and affects student performance and their ability to enjoy school or nursery. Therefore, we always strive to provide furniture that suits the different needs of students in addition to the needs of the school. Therefore, we provide multiple choices of our products with the ability to customize some of features in the products that we manufacture. You can modify the colors to suit your school, nursery, or recreational project. In addition, we at Joy and Learn know how much you desire diversity and uniqueness, so we provide our valued customers with the ability to import and provide products that you need even if it is not among our available product list on the site or in the exhibition. All this is, to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction and the highest levels of efficiency. You can also learn more about educational furniture, equipping schools, and equipping nurseries from our previous articles that were written specifically for you.

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All of that is part of our commitment to your satisfaction, uniqueness, and distinction, as you are an integral part of our journey and success. So let us share with you some of the projects that we are proud to furnishing and preparing them by our hands:

Equipping the Smart School | مدرسة سمارت:

In this project, we have contributed to fully equipping and furnishing Smart School. We have equipped classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, and KG classes. In addition, we have modified the colors to suit the choices and needs of the school. We also provided them with interactive panels that will help them keep pace with the needs of the environment and parents to keep up with the times. You can see the school and our products in real life in this video.

مدرسة سمارت| Smart School

Equipping the Mondial Language School | مدرسة المونديال لغات :

We have been keen to equip the Mondial Language School with all its different needs for kindergarten classes. Here we have contributed to equipping the KG classrooms with the highest quality and the best products that are in line with the desire and needs of the school. You can see the school and our products in real life in this video:

مدرسة المونديال لغات| Mondial Language School

You can also learn more about the school in this video:

You can learn more about El Mondial Language School in this video

Equipping bambino nursery | حضانة بامبينو:

Bambino Nursery is one of the nurseries that we have enjoyed the most in preparing it, as it is one of the projects closest to our hearts, in which we made every effort to show our work in this quality. In it, we have prepared some classrooms for the nursery, and we have equipped the kids area. In that area, we have made sure to choose the best of our products and prepared a kids area with ​​soft play products that you can see in the nursery photos. As you can see it added a distinctive touch to the nursery.

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

In this video, you can see the equipment in real life, and if there are any inquiries regarding any product in the video, you can contact us here, and we will respond as soon as possible.

In this video you can see the equipment in action.

Equipping Flowers Academy | فلاورز أكاديمي:

In Flowers Academy, you can see some of our imported products that we used in equipping the kids area. All of our imported toys are made of high quality polypropylene (PP) plastic, This plastic is safe for the safety of children, so you can be assured of the safety of your children in your nursery or school when using products made with this plastic. You can check out more of our Toys and Kids area products here.

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

Furnishing the Golden Modern School | مدرسة جولدن مودرن:

Many school owners may be anxious when preparing the school because there are many departments and places that need to be furnished (classes, science labs, computer labs, kg classes, play area and Kids Area, Library, activity room, etc.) and the lack of companies that can equip and furnish all these spaces. Therefore, we at Joy and Learn have been keen to provide all the products and expertise that any school, nursery, university, or any educational project owner may need to facilitate the process of equipping and furnishing their educational project with the best materials and best implementation.

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

Our latest work in 2023 | Joy&Learn

You can check out our work live in the science labs at the Golden School. When manufacturing our science laboratories, we make sure to use types of plastic that withstand heat and are compatible with the nature of the activities that students practice in science laboratories to provide safety and security factors. You can also check out this article to find out what you need to furnish and prepare science labs.

Furnishing Dar Luqman School:

Here you can check out our equipment and products at Dar Luqman School, We have equipped the activity room and the furniture has been coordinated to match the school’s decorations. Although we already provide products in different colors (red – green – blue – yellow), we are not satisfied with this. We made sure to provide the color customization feature so that every entrepreneur can differentiate themselves from their competitors.

You can check out the room in this video.

Dar Luqman School

These were some of our projects in the first half of 2023 and we still have a lot to offer you. You can contact us to prepare your educational or entertainment project. Joy & Learn is the largest Egyptian company that furnishes and prepares universities, schools, nurseries, kids areas, science laboratories, computer labs, and other educational and entertainment projects inside and outside Egypt. Make your dream true now and stand out among your competitors. Contact us now.

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