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استشارات بخصوص الاثاث المدرسي


You will meet and interact with the best furniture experts in Egypt. They will walk you through the quality, characteristics, benefits, and features of our furniture. We will also help you to compare the value and the price, not just that we will also help you to calculate the return on investment for your furniture, so you can easily make a decision.
استبيان عن الموقع ومسح منطقة المشروع

Site Inspection

We will inspect your site for free whether your project is a school, a preschool, or a kids area. We will take the measurements and the notes needed to create your CAD drawing and get your approval on the design.
التصميم وتخطيط المساحة 3d school furniture

Design & Space Planning

Our designers are experts in turning your vision into real life products in your educational business. They design a 2D plan for the furniture in your space for free and if needed they will design 3D design, to showcase how your educational project can be with the furniture.
التصميم وتخطيط المساحة 3d school furniture

3D Design

We can make 3D colored designs for the finished assembling which will give you an idea about how furniture will look in real life. We also offer 3D design and animations so the viewer can see all the sides of the assembled furniture.
assemble-furniture-فك وتركيب الاثاث


Our professional team will help you in assembling your school furniture easily with no mistakes. We also will follow up with you and do any maintenance work if needed.

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