7 Things to remember when buying furniture for your school


7 Things to remember when buying furniture for your school

If you are with us from the start of this journey you know that furniture is one of the important steps and elements when it comes to designing schools and preschools.  So, we came here to provide advice and offer some help to break down this long frustrating process. These are the things you need to think about when choosing your school/ preschool furniture:

  1. The space 
  2. The purpose
  3. The comfort
  4. The quality 
  5.  The variety 
  6. The budget 
  7. The warranty 

The space:

Well, the first thing you need to think about is the space you already have on hand when you buy furniture. You will need to think about how many students it can potentially have and hence how many seats/ desks you may need over the course of any time given. This step is critical as you don’t want to make the students feel like they are stuffed in a tuna can. You also don’t want to waste a good space that you may potentially use. If you figured out this step then let’s move to the next element. 

The purpose:

When you buy furniture for any place you need to think about the needed purposes for this furniture as well as the purpose of the space used. And since this furniture is for a school or educational institution you may think that all furniture will be used for students sitting in a class which is not quite right. You will need furniture for classes, science labs, art classes, computer labs, library, brak area and even teachers’ rooms. So, make sure to give each space the needed furniture that will fit in space and match the purpose it was made for like a glove. While remembering the purpose make sure to think about other potential needed purposes that might not come first to one’s mind, for instance, the class will need furniture suitable for regular classes but also will need to have flexible furniture to fit discussions, exams, and other activities the students might need to practice.   

The comfort:

The next element you need to figure out is the comfort of the students. It is such an important requirement to consider when choosing suitable furniture you need to make sure that the furniture you are getting will provide comfort to the students, teachers, and any possible user for every single purpose it is used for. Since the students will be sitting for about 8 hours more or less you will need to make sure that the seats support their back and their length matches students’ sizes. There are also other things to consider, you need to consider the size of your students and make sure that the furniture fits them perfectly. If the furniture doesn’t fit the students who use it they probably will have a bad posture and be uncomfortable which will ultimately affect their productivity and the learning process. 

The quality:

The quality of the furniture is an important factor when choosing your perfect furniture match. The quality of the furniture will affect the safety of your students and whoever uses the furniture as well as that it will also determine how long it will take you to change the furniture of your school. So, although high quality furniture might be expensive, it will give you peace of mind for the safety of the students and it will last long enough so you wouldn’t have to worry about going through the same hectic process when furnishing your school. The quality of the furniture may require you to ask the experts of the industry and long research process to know the differences between different materials. Along with the quality of the furniture you need to also make sure that the furniture is made of safe materials since it will be used by kids and children. 

 The variety:

As we have mentioned before the school furniture needs to fit all the purposes it will be used for. So, logically it also needs to be moveable, adjustable and multi purposed. This could be attainable by simply purchasing lightweight and easily moved furniture. Or even by getting furniture which is simply adjustable for instance if the length could be changed so it would fit different ages in case you needed an extra seat for a different class that may not be the same age. This variety could be achievable if one piece is used for different purposes to fit the different needs. For example, if the table students use has storage space so you would need to add a separate storage space. 

One of the things you need to consider is if your furniture will be suitable for kids with special needs, if not you may need to make sure that at least a portion of your furniture will be suitable for them.  

The budget:

The budget is one of the things that freak people out when it comes to investing in some elements within their business. And furniture is no different. You might want to spend less and save some money. But as we have mentioned before, furniture is a critical element in your business which you shouldn’t overlook. 

If the furniture is high-quality then you are paying for long-lasting pieces that will give you peace of mind as well as it will assure you the safety of students which will save you much money in the long run. You are also paying for your brand image. No high-class brand gets cheap low quality furniture. So make sure to find a sweet spot between expensive high-quality furniture and cheap low-quality furniture. And this will be your perfect budget. 

The warranty:

Warranty is one of the things that will give you peace of mind and will make you feel safe buying the furniture knowing that you can always go back if anything went wrong so make sure to look for solutions and companies that provide that. 

Since this process is long and hectic, asking for assistance is the right choice and we will be more than happy to offer a hand. We can tell you that joy and learn provide you with all the solutions you need to make this process much easier and more digestible. First, we provide you with a whole school furnishing in all aspects like classrooms, science labs, computer labs, libraries, and even theaters. Also, we provide you with 24 months of warranty so you could always go back to us for any defect you find in your purchases. 

Yes, this process is difficult but with joy and learn it will be joyful. 


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