Your Quick Guide To Build Your Computer Lab

Your Quick Guide To Build Your Computer Lab

Your Quick Guide To Build Your Computer Lab

Designing your computer lab is a very critical step when making your school and preparing for the new semester. Well, as usual, we are here to help and offer you a simple guide to make your preparations much easier and less erratic. 

Your space: 

For the very first step, let’s check your space. 

Your computer lab space defines everything. 

  1. So, choose a spacious space that can take up the number of PCs for the average sized class you will have in your school
  2. Make sure that the chosen space has enough outlets if not you can still take your time to add the outlets to the room so you connect your PCs easily
  3. When choosing your space try to avoid rooms that have odd shapes as it will be harder to arrange and there will be a lot of wasted spaces 

Prepare your space: 

Now that we have picked a suitable space, let’s guide you step by step on how to prepare it efficiently:

  • Well, since we already picked a room with enough outlets you are already one step ahead, now you can protect the PCs from damage when power outages by adding surge protectors which will also help you to regulate the power usage. 
  • Now you can start thinking about the number of PCs in the lab. You can figure this out super easily just think how many classes will be using the computer lab at the same time and how large your average class is. This will set you to the number of PCs you need.
  • Now that you know the number, you will need to figure out the layout of the PC sets in the room. The layout will depend mainly on the activities performed in the lab. if your use of the lab depends more on presentation style or lecturing then allowing the students to perform and apply what they have learned on the PCs then laying the PCs towards the wall, will be a much better option as you will be able to see what everyone does and check if all of them are paying attention. But, if you depend more on them researching or even if you present the content directly on the PC then a row layout will be more suitable so they can see you while paying attention to the PC. These are just some of the layouts out there. Try to be creative when planning your layout. It will help you to define what is the most suitable option for you.
  • Another thing you will need to pay attention to is the cords around the space. The existing unprotected cords might cause some trips and falls which might cause much harm to the students so obtain floor cord covers that will prevent such accidents.

The budget: 

Now that you know what your space needs and what can be modified you can plan the budget for your lab.

When you are planning your budget, you need to consider the purchasing of the PCs and the lab furniture. The budget will help you to set the expectations of what you can get and what you might need to search for other options that can be cheaper. 

For instance, if your budget can’t take getting new PCs you can just opt for cheaper options or get used ones that will be cheaper yet will do the same job. 

The furniture: 

Your computer lab furniture is a very important element. These are some of the elements that will make your choice easier when picking furniture.

  • Your furniture should be suitable for the different ages who will use the lab.
  • You need to pick furniture that is made of good materials that will live long enough and will handle the use of kids of different ages. That is why in Joy & Learn we use MDF wood so it can handle all kinds of uses without showing any damage for a long period.
  • Lastly, you can opt for options that can be adjusted in height so it could be used while standing or sitting. 

This is your quick guide to making your own computer lab for the very first time and if you are looking for a guide for the science lab you can check our previous article to know more. 

Hope this was helpful and that we were able to guide you through this. Joy & Learn will always have your back so if you need any help in this hectic process remember to contact us.

Have a good day.


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