Where to get the equipment in kids area

Where to get the equipment in kids area

Where to get the equipment in kids area

The kids area or the play area in any educational or entertainment project has become one of the most popular and most important things that the business owner needs to provide, depending on their fields and goals. Therefore, the establishment of a play area or Kids Area has become one of the things that many project owners think about and prioritize, so when planning the design and implementation of the Kids Area project, There are many steps that you have to think about; including where to buy Kids Area toys and equipment. Today in our article we will talk about where you can buy games and what games you can add to your place.

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Places to buy kids area games and equipment:

One of the most important steps that you need to focus on is the place where you will buy the Kids Area games and play area equipment, especially as this is considered an investment in your project. You need to choose a company that you can rely on in your project and be your guarantor and assistant in your business journey. Therefore, we recommend our company, Joy&Learn, as we offer you a 24-month warranty on our products, and we also provide you with maintenance on the products so that you do not need to buy new products often. We also provide you with after-sales services, such as follow-up and communication, to ensure that you are satisfied with the products. Joy & Learn is an Egyptian company and we deliver to the Middle East, Africa, and soon to the world. You can visit our showroom in El Obour. And if you can’t, you can see all of our products on our website here.

What can you add to the play area or kids area in your project:

There are a lot of products that you can add to the play area of ​​your business or your kids area. So today we are going to recommend some products that you can add that will add character to your play area.

Outdoor playground equipment:

Outdoor playground equipment will be very suitable for you if you have a large outdoor kids area or play area. We can nominate you in this section outdoor playground (joy 205), outdoor playground (joy 203), and outdoor playground (joy 202).


Bridge is a combined game in one entity, and the bridges include many different games (sliding – climbing – and other adventure games), We recommend some small bridges, such as Bridge 3 and Bridge 6, and large ones, such as Bridge 7 and Bridge 1, so you can choose what fits various spaces. Also, these bridges are suitable for the outdoor games area, as their colors do not change due to weather conditions.

Slides and swings:

You need to have slides and swings in any play area or any kids area, especially if the space is small, Therefore, we recommend these swings and slides for you: 2 slides + rabbit swing, green and orange slide, green and red slide, 2 swings + white and blue slide, red and blue slide, small slide for children, elephant swing.

Kids house:

Houses are among the things that children are most excited about, so we recommend these two houses for you: a chocolate house for children and a Kenzi house for children. These two homes are suitable for children from 3-6 years old.


Some entrepreneurs prefer to have a trampoline, especially if the place and space allow it. Trampolines are suitable for places with open spaces, for these entrepreneurs, we recommend: Round trampoline with a safety net and ladder, round trampoline, small red trampoline.


Rockers are part of the basics of the kids area and play area in any project. So, today we have provided you with these Rockers as suggestions: Horse Rocker Kenzi, Double Rooster Rocker, Fish Rocker, Double Horse Rocker.


The last product you can add in the play area or kids area is the park; Children love park games a lot, especially if they are full of balls, so we chose for you some different parks of different sizes to suit different spaces: colored parks, square parks, parks, circular parks.

This was our article today about the products that you can add in the play area and kids area, Remember that you can contact us on WhatsApp if you would like any assistance in preparing the kids area for your business. And remember that Diva is our official distributor in Egypt for any requests related to nursery processing and retail requests.

We hope that the article was useful to you.

Have a good day!


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