Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

We have already mentioned a number of reasons that you can implement to help your restaurant succeed as you wish, you can check out these reasons in our article here.

One of those means and methods was to add a play area or kids area in your restaurant for children and the families from your customers and visitors. Today we will give you all the details you need to know before creating a play area or kids area in your restaurant or cafe. We, Joy and Learn, are a company specializing in equipping kids’ areas and various educational and entertainment projects. We have prepared and furnished many entertainment projects over the years. So, today we will summarize for you the results of our long experience in preparing kid’s areas and play areas so that you can easily furnish your own play area in your business.

Why set up a play area or kids area in your restaurant or cafe:

Adding Kids Area to your business has many positive factors on your restaurant and on your customers, in addition to having a significant impact on the shape of your brand or trademark that you seek to build. Therefore, we can say that adding a play area or kids area will help you target women with their children or families in general, It will also increase the loyalty of your visitors to your restaurant or cafe because of their children’s love for the play area in your place, This can greatly increase the popularity of your business or restaurant and thus increase profits.

Now what you need to consider when planning a play area or kids area in your restaurant:

There are several things you need to think about before creating a kids area or a play area for instance your restaurant space, plays and equipment you will add, the activities that children will engage in your play area, the staff in charge of the play area, Marketing. Let’s take each of these things and explain it in detail.

Your restaurant or café space:

Your restaurant space that you already own will affect the play area or kids area that you will create in many respects, It will affect the families’ seating areas, which in turn will affect the number and size of tables…etc. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems that you may encounter when creating the Kids Area; Make sure to place the distribution of the family corner in two parts, one of them next to the kids area and the other separately in the restaurant to provide options for your visitors. You should also consider how your visitors and customers will use the space in general and how you can arrange the place according to their use. In addition, you must take into account that the visitors’ use of your restaurant space and the children’s use of the play area doesn’t interfere with the movement of customers, children, and employees, and there is no possibility of them causing harm to each other.

What toys can you add to the kids area in your restaurant:

This question depends on a number of things, such as the space and the characteristics that you wish to reflect in your restaurant, the cost, etc. For example, if your space is somewhat small, this will force you to choose toys of smaller sizes, which in turn may sometimes suit younger children. If you want a quiet atmosphere in your restaurant, then it will be You should stay away from games that make children run or make noise more than usual, and vice versa. If you have a larger space and want to reflect the lively atmosphere of your restaurant, you will have to choose games that are compatible with this, and for each, we will offer you a number of different games that are in line with various of these things:

1- Climbing house

Climbing house, This house is suitable for small spaces and many children love it. It is one of the games that do not require a lot of space.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

2- Circular park

Circular park, It is one of the games that attract children’s attention because of its attractive colors, and adding balls in it to play makes children more excited.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

3- Slide + basket + swing

Slide + basket + swing, It is a complex of different games to save space while providing different games that are suitable for more than one child. The complex also comes in different shapes and bright colors to attract children’s attention, and these colors are not affected by sunlight, so you can use them comfortably in the outdoor play area.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

4- Imported Gray Bridge

Imported Gray Bridge,As shown in the picture, the bridge game is one of the favorite games of many children because of its many colors and the different games it provides for children such as climbing, sliding, and other unique experiences that are only available in this type of game/ equipment.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

5- Colorful climb & crawl caterpillar tunnel

Colorful climb & crawl caterpillar tunnel,The worm is one of our popular games because many of our customers love it. You can get them in several different colors.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

6- Slide + basket + goal + swing

Slide + basket + goal + swing, This complex is one of the complexes that contain a large number of games that are suitable for younger children (3-4). The multiplicity of these games in this complex saves you a large space so that you can add to it rocking toys and this will be sufficient for the kids area in your cafe or restaurant.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

7- Imported kids’ car

Imported kids’ car, Kids’ car is one of the toys that kids love so much. Even in our showroom in El-Obour, children always choose it over others to play with.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

From one of the visits of our customers and their children to our exhibition.

8- outdoor playground equipment

outdoor playground equipment,This complex is more suitable for large places, so it will suit you more if you have a large area that you can use as a kids area.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

9- slide + basket

slide + basket,This slide fits the size of a small play area in a restaurant or cafe.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

10- Kenzi Rocking horse

Kenzi Rocking horse,This rocker in general fits into a small or simple play area.

Tips for creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant |Kids area

You can check out more games and kids area needs here.

Safety in the games area or kids area in your restaurant:

You must take into account several safety factors in the play area in your restaurant, including:

1- Provide a floor of foam to protect against shocks and falls.

2- Cover the sharp edges.

3- Provide protection for children from the sun if the play area is outside.

How can you use the Kids Area to market your restaurant or cafe:

Now the competition relies heavily on distinction and differences between various competitors, so you can make the Kids Area what distinguishes you from your competitors. You can also use the Kids Area games and toys as decoration and draw the attention of young people and the younger group by providing good places in the Kids Area for photography and other tricks Which will help you to increase the reputation of your restaurant just by taking advantage of the kids area.

Joy and Learn is a company that specializes in furnishing and preparing Kids Areas, educational businesses, and entertainment businesses, so we can plan and implement your space on a budget that suits you. After years of experience and working with various clients and projects such as schools, nurseries, Kids areas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other large projects that are still in their strat, Due to all of this, we were able to gain the vision and have a great deal of experience and knowledge that have made us able to help you and make things easier for you. You can check out our previous work here.

So do not wait, contact us now on WhatsApp, and you will find a response to all your inquiries as soon as possible.


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