The best school equipment company in Egypt

The best school equipment company in Egypt

The best school equipment company in Egypt

The best school equipping company in Egypt, which provides its clients with all the equipment related to schools and the tools they use in education. The owner of the company and those in charge of it are always looking for the best and the best, in order to be able to provide an educational process that meets the goal required to be achieved by all parties.

The best school equipment company in Egypt

With research and experience, you will know that there are no better companies than Joy& Learn, due to a long history and many reasons, including:

Specialization and Diversity:

The company is specialized in all types of equipment for all stages of education of all kinds. If you need equipment for the school stages, we are prepared and ready to serve you.
We also provide you with facilities for activity rooms, such as art education and others.

Technological equipment:

We can provide devices that are used in media laboratories, which adopt the latest technologies in education, and invent new methods to suit all students’ abilities, and improve their comprehension and achievement.
Science labs are also prepared in order to suit the students’ interaction with them, to benefit from the teacher’s explanation, and to experience practically at the same time.

Affordable prices:

Our company provides services at reasonable prices, and selects the finest materials for you, without exaggerating the prices.
Even if you are looking for places to sell nursery or school supplies, you will not find better than Joy & Learn

Provide all supplies:

Our service is not only limited to laboratories processing, but we can equip classrooms for children, as well as equip administrative rooms in offices and choose the best materials for their production.
The company is followed by an integrated factory in order to make sure of the manufacturing process and its progress according to the announced standards. Therefore, our company was the best school supply company in Egypt.

Garden processing:

In schools there are nursery stages and children in primary classes, need the appropriate games for them to rejuvenate, feel the change, and comfort in them, and we offer you the best of those games that you need in the garden or garden that you provide in your school for children.
While retaining safety factors in manufacturing, and choosing places to place them precisely so that they are not subject to damage.

How to choose the best companies for school supplies

When choosing which company to organize your school supplies, it is important to ensure that you have:

The ability of the executing company to provide all your needs to you. If you are trying to equip private schools with more than one stage, you will need equipment to suit each stage separately.
The company gives you the ability to see 3D models in order to judge for yourself the appearance and dimensions of the final product.
After you purchase the product, the matter does not end there, but you get a full follow-up of any emerging matters.
The company’s products enjoy full warranties and after-sales services.
The prices are just right for the quality of what the best school supply company in Egypt offers, so you won’t experience too high, no inferior products.
School supplies industry in the best companies

When you request through us the implementation of any equipment for your school, we offer you the product, taking care of the following:

It is delivered to you and installed within the agreed time, without delay, and it is possible to produce as many numbers as you want.
The factory from which the product comes out belongs to us, which gives us complete supervision over the materials used, the sizes, as well as the production mechanism.
We deliver a product to your taste, you can choose the appropriate colors for you, and you can also order the printing of the distinctive logo of your school through us on the products.
Choosing seats, toys, etc. to suit the sizes you will benefit from, you will not find these products smaller or larger than the size of students, especially toys.
Seats You can choose to produce them in your desired configuration, either double or single, in accordance with your school system.
You can order by phone or electronically after viewing the required products, and we take care of delivering the products to you and installing what needs to be installed, such as laboratories and toys.
History of School Equipping Company

Our company started in the year 2000, where the company was originally simple, it tested a lot of equipment for schools and education houses until it was decided to work in the field, where:

The company found that there is an urgent need to find this field, as many schools need equipment at an appropriate level for students, as well as teachers.
It was the first export experience to equip a school in Jeddah, and that school was the beginning of the company’s work abroad.
After that, the company continued to work, send and install the complete equipment, and in 2014 the company’s first showroom was opened, and it was very popular with school owners and nurseries.
The exhibition was not limited to the governorate in which it was located, but delegations came from outside that governorate as well to take advantage of its services.
The turnout was the reason for the company’s expansion and its transfer from one branch to another, and thus the number of places in which it provides its services.
With the development, continuity, and increase of experiences, our company has become the best school supply company in Egypt.
Equipment provided by the company to schools

The company can transform a school without any tools into a school equipped with the best technologies and tools that contribute to the smooth functioning of the educational process, as:
Classrooms :

The company prepares the classrooms for the students, from the side of the seats made for the teacher and the students.
It also works to provide a modern smart screen on which education depends on its modern means.
There are some other methods used in the classroom, such as the traditional whiteboard.
And also provide the projector and the necessary tools and similar to it.


You can rely on our company completely to equip the offices of administrators and teachers in the school in the best manner and complete elegance.
We also care that the seats to be used are comfortable and suitable for the teacher to relieve his fatigue.


Whether it is the media lab or the computer lab, it is through us that you are ready and can work on it efficiently with students as soon as possible.
Science labs can also work on

Equipped with the best and finest tools and devices.
The garden, as mentioned, is offered to children to suit their needs, sizes and ages.

The best school equipment company in Egypt Joy & Learn did not leave anything about school supplies unless it was experienced in its manufacture and installation, and this will not cost you much, but will add more to the quality of education in your school.


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