Preschool vs Nursery: What’s the Difference?

Preschool vs Nursery: What's the Difference?

Preschool vs Nursery: What’s the Difference?

You might have been trying to open a preschool lately or thinking about getting a nursery or even you think your kids need to go to preschool or a nursery and now that you stumbled across those 2 terms (preschool – nursery ) and you were wondering about what is the difference between the two. And what you should consider opening and investing your time, effort, and money in. That is what we will discuss here. 

Tighten your seatbelt here we go!


Preschool is a type of childcare setting that is designed for children between the age of 3 to 5. Preschools typically offer a curriculum that includes both academic and social-emotional learning. They may also offer enrichment activities such as art, music, and physical education.

Children learn so much in preschool; they learn how to socialize with their peers and learn more about common sense and what are the acceptable behaviors in the society they are in. They also start to develop the basis for most of the subjects they will study later on when they enter school and kindergarten. Preschool can also be a fun and enriching experience for children.


Nursery is a type of childcare setting that is designed for children ages 0-3. Nurseries typically offer a more relaxed environment than preschools. They may focus on providing care for children’s basic needs, such as food, diaper changes, and sleep. Nurseries may also offer some educational activities, but they are not as structured as preschools.

Nurseries will be very suitable for busy parents who need to take care of their infants and toddlers and need to make sure they are safe and good environment. They usually also provide cameras for parents to be able to check on their babies whenever they need. 

So, between nursery and preschool, what do you establish or pick for your kids:

If you are a parent then the answer is on the easier side all you have to do is to think if your child is ready for a more structured learning environment and if their age allows them to go through such an experiment then go ahead and sign them in a preschool. On the other hand, if they need more of the basic needs and less of education pressure then nursery is your way to go. 

But if you are an investor whose looking for a decision to take between a preschool and a nursery then there is more to think about: 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a preschool or nursery:

  • Curriculum: What type of curriculum can you offer? Will it be suitable for your targeted audience?
  • Staff: Are you willing to hire teachers and caretakers that are qualified and experienced? Or it will be more suitable for you to hire nannies who are good with children? (put in mind that this will affect your overall cost too)
  • Furniture: preschool will need class furniture and furniture suitable for the activities they will practice like playground equipment, educational toys, and educational assets. 
  • Activities: What types of activities are you going to offer or want to offer? Will you have the space for these activities as toddlers won’t need as much space as older kids?
  • Cost: How much will you be able to afford? And with this much cost will you be able to make revenue?
  • Space: will your space be enough for the number of kids you need to break even or not?

If you were able to answer all of these questions then you should be able to decide what will you be opening.

Establishing a preschool or nursery can be a big decision. But you don’t need to suffer alone we already have written an article to help you when you start your preschool you can check it. And keep following because soon enough we will make one for opening a nursery.

However know that no matter what you open all the parents care about is their kids’ safety, and we could help you in that we can provide you with the furniture you need and help you furnish and prepare your place as you need and we can help you if you need any advice regarding the decision. So, if you need any of that, just keep following


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