Kids area feasibility study

Feasibility study for a kids area

Kids area feasibility study

We at Joy & Learn know your confusion when starting a new project or adding new features to your project, so we decided to help you conduct a feasibility study on whether to start a Kids Area project or add a Kids Area to your business (school, nursery, kindergarten, restaurant, gym, café, hotel, mall, ,etc). We at Joy and Learn know how important it is to add a play area or kids area to your project, because you attract different types of audiences, including fathers, mothers, and children, so that parents can enjoy all the activities they can perform in your facility while leaving their children in the play area or kids area in safety. Enjoy and you can even read our various articles on this specific topic to find out why you should add a games area or Kids Area: Why do you need to add a Kids Area in your restaurant, why do you need to add a play area in your school?

You can read these articles to discover the benefits of the Kids Area and play area for your facility.

In this article, we will discuss how you can conduct a feasibility study for the Kids Area project… so read on.

Necessary papers for opening the Kids Area project:

When you open the Kids Area project, you will have to prepare some papers so that you can license the business, such as:

1- National ID card

2- Criminal status report

3- A copy of the lease contract or ownership contract for the establishment in which Kids Area will be opened

4- The academic qualification of the owner of the business

5- You will also need to submit a letter from the engineering department

6- You will have to provide safety and security measures to ensure the safety of children in your facility

7- You will need to provide a letter from the Civil Defense Authority to provide security and safety precautions against fire

Kids Area space:

In the beginning, we have to focus on the basics, such as determining the space that you will allocate to the Kids Area or the area of ​​the entire kids area project… You must measure the space that you will allocate to the play area or the Kids Area to know and determine the toys and equipment that you will add in the play area. All of this will help you determine the cost that you will bear when preparing the Kids Area, and accordingly, you will be able to determine the profits that you must save to ensure that you benefit from the play area to the fullest.

The preparations, you need to implement the Kids Area project:

First, you will have to provide the necessary equipment. There are some safety measures that need to be implemented when opening the Kids Aria project, such as providing foam floors to protect children from falls and injuries. In addition to this, you will have to provide protection from metal and sharp surfaces. There are some precautionary measures that will add comfort to the children and their families in your kids area project like shaded areas if the kids area is outdoors, and you can add benches and chairs for parents and children.

The workers you will need in the Kids Area:

In the games area or the Kids Area, you will need supervisors to monitor the children and take care of them and their safety. If you are seeking to add some drinks and food to your business, you will have to add workers to distribute and make these food and drinks.

Toys and Kids Area supplies:

Depending on the type of Kids Area that you create, the type of games that you will purchase will change, but in general, there are some toys that you will need generally or permanently in your Kids Area… so we have collected some of those products or games:

Slides and swings:

Most kids areas or play areas need slides and swings, especially if the space is small. Therefore, we recommend these swings and slides for you: 2 slides + rabbit swing, green and orange slide, green and red slide, 2 swings + white and blue slide, red and blue slide, small slide for children, elephant swing.

Outdoor playground equipment:

The outdoor equipment is an integral part of the play areas and includes various games that children love. This outdoor equipment will be very suitable for you if you have an open outdoor play area or kids Area. We can nominate you in this section outdoor playground (joy 205), outdoor playground (joy 203), and outdoor playground (joy 202).


Bridge is a group of games combined into one entity, and bridge includes many different games from (sliding – climbing – and other adventure games), We recommend some small bridges, such as Bridge 3 and Bridge 6, and large ones, such as Bridge 7 and Bridge 1, so you can choose what fits various spaces. Also, these bridges are suitable for the outdoor games area, as their colors do not change due to weather conditions.


Many of our customers were asking about our trampoline, so we brought it back because children love it and enjoy it, so some project owners prefer to have it, especially if the place and space allow it. The trampoline is suitable for places with movement and open spaces. For these entrepreneurs, we recommend: a circular trampoline with a safety net and a ladder, a circular trampoline, and a small red trampoline.

Kids house:

Houses are among the things that children are most excited about, so we recommend these two houses for you: a chocolate house for children and a Kenzi house for children. These two homes are suitable for children from 3-6 years old.


Rockers are part of the basics of the kids area and play area in any project. So, today we have provided you with these Rockers as suggestions: Horse Rocker Kenzi, Double Rooster Rocker, Fish Rocker, Double Horse Rocker.


The last product you can add in the play area or kids area is the park; Children love park games a lot, especially if they are full of balls, so we chose for you some different parks of different sizes to suit different spaces: colored parks, square parks, parks, circular parks.

How can you order from Joy & Learn:

At Joy & Learn, we work to equip all types of kids areas and play areas in all facilities with a high quality and efficient implementation. We always strive to provide different types of high-quality products manufactured in our factory or imported from abroad, the raw materials of which are verified to maintain distinctive quality in all our products. We always strive to provide all the choices you desire at your fingertips while providing shipping inside and outside Egypt. Contact us via WhatsApp and all your inquiries will be received and answered by our sales representatives.

We hope the article was useful and wish you a happy day!


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