Joy & Learn Unpacks New Containers of Innovation

Joy & Learn Unpacks New Containers of Innovation

Joy & Learn Unpacks New Containers of Innovation

Joy & Learn listens to you and cares about your requests, so we had to start this month with two containers full of all the products you requested and other new products to meet all your needs…. At Joy & Learn, we strive to prepare all educational and entertainment projects. We choose the best products and most suitable materials when equipping schools, preschools, Kids areas, and other facilities.

Therefore, this month, we finally received two containers of furniture products, preschool supplies, and kids area equipment. And many new products that you can order and distinguish your preschool, school, or educational facility with.

New container products:

The two new containers include a new educational furniture container containing several regular and height wooden tables and some whiteboard tables In addition there are different shapes For KG chairs manufactured made of high-quality polypropylene plastic, safe for children’s safety and approved by the World Health Organization, it is also strong and can withstand children’s consumption. Chairs are suitable for primary school and others are suitable for older students. We also sought to provide newly imported desks that suit different tastes, including desks with heights to suit different ages. And other things you need when equipping your educational facility and equipping schools and preschools…

The other container is for toys to prepare the Kids Area, which contains many imported toys, such as different shapes of worms, different swings & slides, and colorful children’s houses that are required and loved by most children, such as the Chocolate House… We also provided various shapes of rockers required in preschools and Kids Areas. . There are also multiple shapes and different sizes of trampolines and more different games that all play areas and Kids Area need.

How to order from Joy & Learn?

Since Joy & Learn is the leading company in equipping schools, preschools, Kids Areas, and any educational or entertainment projects, we deliberately provide everything you need to facilitate the equipping of your project, regardless of its size or budget. We provide you with a 24-month warranty, maintenance and follow-up after finishing every order to ensure that all the products you receive are of the highest quality and efficiency. In addition, we provide worldwide delivery and have some representatives in some Arab countries that make things easier for you.

You can order now via WhatsApp… and you can see our previous work and the schools that we have worked to equip from here.

We are waiting for all your questions and inquiries..

Have a nice day!


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