How to set the budget for your private school in Sudan? 

How to set the budget for your private school in Sudan? 

How to set the budget for your private school in Sudan?

As an educational furniture company, we at Joy & Learn deal and meet with various clients on a daily basis and around the clock. Hence we receive many clients and listen to many of the problems and difficulties facing our clients… especially at the beginning of preparing a school or equipping a nursery. Among the most important of these problems they face is determining a budget. To prepare the school, a budget to purchase educational furniture, and how to determine or make a basic budget… So today we will discuss many of the steps that you need to go through when creating the school budget.

For more information about creating a budget for your private school, read on…

First, you will have to determine the space for your school:

The space of your school will greatly affect determining your budget. Based on your space, you will be able to determine the number of classes and the number of educational services you will be able to provide in your school, and based on that, you will be able to know the initial cost of equipping your private school…

Secondly, you will have to divide the spaces:

The second thing you will have to do is divide the spaces according to their use… When you divide the spaces based on use, you will be able to differentiate between the activities that will take up space and the products that you will need most. For example, you will find that it is natural for school classrooms to be the most space-consuming thing. It will take a large amount of the budget due to its frequent use and consumption, unlike the drawing or activities room, which will not need a large part of the budget and will not be like the science lab, which despite its limited use for classes. But it carries great importance in maintaining the safety of students, so you will have to pay attention to the materials of the science laboratory furniture or the tools used in it, and accordingly, divide your budget in a way that suits each space or activity will greatly affect your budget and its division…

Third, choose the products you will have to buy:

After dividing the spaces according to activities, you will be able to determine the products you need according to each activity, and you will be able initially to determine the budget for each product, activity, or space… you will be able to compare this initial budget with the budget allocated to you or with the budget that you have.

If there is a difference that you cannot complete between the two, you will have to look for cheaper alternatives to some products, and you will have to turn to those activities that do not require a large budget, of course, or small spaces that will not need many products…

However, you must be careful not to choose products that may cause harm to children. We at Joy & Learn provide you with various types of educational furniture that will suit your budget, whatever it is, while ensuring the provision of high-quality products in order to maintain the safety of students and children…

We also provide you with various products, whether imported or manufactured in our factory in Egypt, and we provide you with delivery around the world. We also allow you to save all this hard effort and return to us only. We will connect you to one of our sales representatives, and after choosing the products that you like and prefer, our representative will be able to make a price quote. Suitable and providing appropriate alternatives if the proposed price offer does not fit your budget…

In addition, we at Joy & Learn offer a 24-month warranty on most of our products, in addition to free maintenance

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