How To Expand Your Small Preschool

How To Expand Your Small Preschool

How To Expand Your Small Preschool

Having a small space could be very frustrating when having a preschool especially since the children need a space to run around and come and go all over the space. Providing kids with a space so they can be playful and active will help them much in growing up and will allow them a space and time to learn and grow experiences which they need at such a young age. So, in order to use the space to its ultimate potential for all the needed activities in any preschool/ nursery. We are going to discuss the tips and tricks that you can use to expand your small space and use each space for its maximum potential. 

Divide the activities as well as the space in your preschool:

The most limiting thing when it comes to having a small space in a preschool has to make a space for all the needed activities that your students and teachers need to practice. Dividing a space and activities will help you to categorize each activity and space. For example, reading stories need a moderate space so kids can sit but playing hide and seek or race needs a big space. On the other hand, a space for lockers and storing items can take up a small space. So if your preschool needs to let students do several group activities like story reading, group play time, teaching in a classroom, or other group activities then you could divide your space based on the category of each space and activity rather than classrooms. This will allow you to have more space since you wouldn’t have to get each needed furniture for each activity or will strict you with a specific space for a specific class. 

If this step was done perfectly you can say that you are halfway there. But it is still not the only thing you can do. As when it comes to storage there are many tips and tricks to increase the storage space you have. 

Vertical furniture is the way to go: 

Since the horizontal space you have will mostly be used for students seating and practicing the activities you do in the preschool. That is why you should use the vertical space you have. This will give you a much bigger space that can be used for storing and sorting things. You can use tall bookshelves and towers instead of the wider ones so you can benefit from the vertical space you have for extra storage. You can also use the shelves high up on the wall so you can store the needed items for the various activities. Also using thin shelves will also help you to feel that the space is much bigger with a small effort. 

moveable furniture:

Since you have a limited space you will need to get yourself a moveable furniture that will help you to benefit from the space better. You also wouldn’t need to get extra pieces of the furniture that you might not need but it will just take up space. So you will be better off without it. 

Double purpose furniture: 

Having a small space always requires you to be creative and go the extra mile when using each piece to its ultimate use so you can get the ultimate benefit of it. So, it is no surprise that you need to invest in looking for furniture that has a double purpose and hence could maximize the space you have.  

For instance, 

  • You could use a bench for the kids’ seating with storage inside it to store kids’ possessions.
  • You could use a table that has inside storage which you can use for storing the things used inside of it like art supplies, extra pencils, etc. 
  • You can also use the back of mirrors and doors as hidden storage. This could be amazing for storing the jackets and other things that need to be hung. 
  • You can also use storage ottomans to seat kids and manage to store whatever you need inside.

Hidden furniture: 

Hidden furniture is one of the ways you can maximize the space and still practice the needed activities. As you can benefit from them but remain out of sight by hiding the furniture that you don’t need all the time. For instance, if in your nursery the kids could have a nap in the middle of the day then you could use folded beds that turns into seatings when it’s not used, or if you provide the kids in your preschool a meal within the day you can have one of these folded tables that you can unfold it and set it aside when not used. These are just little things you can do but will have a great effect on how neat the space is.

Dead space back to life: 

Dead space is a hidden treasure. So, if you have one in your space you better start using them. First, you need to detect the space and figure out how you can benefit from it. For example, you can use the space under the window for extra storage or maybe as a seating area. You can also use the ceiling to hang up things to keep out of your sight and increase the space on hand. 

Decor matters: 

You may overlook the decor and the interior and think it doesn’t matter but in fact, decor and the interior affect the space so much and help a lot in creating the illusion of a bigger space. Here are some advices that you can use to elevate and brighten up your space: 

  • Use always lighter paint colors. Lighter colors give the space a spacious feeling and open the space more than darker colors that close the space.
  • You can also use the same colors for the ceiling and walls to give this feeling of a bigger space. This trick works as it removes the seam between the ceiling and the wall making it more of one space. 
  • Using mirrors will also help to open the space more as it creates the illusion of a bigger and more spacious space. 
  •  Also getting rid of less important walls to open the space up.

All of these steps will help you to open up the space without affecting the learning process of the kids. You still can check our website for preschool furniture options to help you prepare for your preschool. 

Good luck!


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