4 Skills Children Develop In Early Age And How Preschool Helps

4 Skills Children Develop In Early Age And How Preschool Helps

4 Skills Children Develop In Early Age And How Preschool Helps


The early years of a child’s life you can see a lot of change at a very high speed. They don’t change just physically but also their mental and emotional abilities change rapidly. And hence, the child through the very first years of his life develops many several skills that affect the development of the rest of his life. That is one of the reasons why the first years of any child are very important. This is making picking their preschool a very important choice that will affect children’s whole life. So, let us talk about these skills and how to make sure that  the child will be developing them.

The skills children develop in early years: 

  • Motor skills 
  • Speech and language skills
  • Cognitive and intellectual skills
  • Social and emotional skills

Motor skills:

Children in their early years develop motor and movement skills. They first start learning how to walk, then they learn how to run while maintaining their coordination and their balance. These skills start developing in the first year and reach a good state at the age of 3 that allows them to play different games without falling. At this age they also can play with beers with enough strength.  


Speech and language skills: 

Speech and language skills are one of the skills that advance fastly at the age of 3-5 years. Kids start to develop these abilities of speaking full sentences from a couple of words at this age. And they get to use these sentences to express themselves and articulate the world around them.  


Cognitive and intellectual skills: 

These are the skills that the child develops while growing up. These skills get to form through the experiences they go through. These skills help children to build their own opinions and feelings regarding the world, the people they interact with and even themselves. Such skills help the children to develop their personalities. 


Social and emotional skills: 

These are the skills that children develop by interacting with other people. These skills help them to understand their surroundings. These skills also help to interpret the social world around them and the people they interact with and overall interact with the world and the people. Also at this age they start experiencing various emotions and experiencing various types of feelings on their own. These skills help them also to learn how to socialize with the world on their own, developing their own sense of judgment. 


How the preschool will develop these skills in children: 

Preschools have a big role when it comes to developing children’s skills and enhancing their personality and hence affect their future success and overall life balance. Which implies the importance of picking preschool. So make sure to go over all the details needed when it comes to opening a preschool or choosing a preschool for your kid; the educational aspect, the activities, and the environment of the preschool. 


The play time:

The play time is actually a very important part of preschool and kids’ life at an early age. Studies showed that the average child needs about an hour daily of playing and moving. So, play time is very beneficial for the kids. In play time kids get to develop the movement abilities, the critical thinking abilities, the teamwork abilities, even their self control ability and the strength of their memory. They get to move as much as they want and depending on the game they play the abilities they develop varies. For example, running and skipping will develop their movement abilities. And group games will allow them to learn more about collaboration and how to interact with the other kids allowing them to learn more about common sense when it comes to other people. Also for instance, racing and other competitive games can teach them how to deal with their feelings when they feel competitive or angry. Group games in general serve them with a lot of experiences and several opportunities to learn about people and themselves.

This is why having a playground area in your preschool is essential. so that kids get the place they can develop these skills they need.


The reading time:

Reading time is the time they get to sit and listen to stories from their teachers. In this time they get to develop and improve their listening skills, their focus skills and it also develops their imagination and curiosity. These skills are very important as they help them in their future learning journey. In the reading part, they get to learn about several different things that are interesting to them and light a spark in their minds which leaves a positive impact regarding it and also strengthens their memory. Stories also are one of the things that can teach kids critical thinking.



In preschool kids get to learn communication  since they are spending long periods of time with several different people. This is a very important part that helps to develop their communication skills and develops their ability to express themselves and articulate their emotions and thoughts. These skills are extremely important and they will benefit from it in the future. Studies have shown that kids who learn this at a young age get to be more successful in the future. 


The educational time:

The educational part of preschool teaches them the basics about their mother tongue language and in some preschools they even try to teach the kids the basics of a second language. As well as the basics of math will provide them with the important structure that can develop their abilities and prepare them furthermore to the next level of school. And in some preschools they even teach kids science, social sciences and other things that develop kids abilities and increase their adaptability when they learn about these things extensively again in school.


These are the things the children will benefit from when they join preschool and how you can help to develop these skills in the children enrolled in your preschool or in your child. First you can try to balance between the play time and the educational time. In addition to that try to create games that will help developing the kids memory, collaboration and communication skills. You can also invest in buying some toys that help in developing such qualities.  



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