Feasibility study for a project for a nursery school from A to Z

Feasibility study for a project for a nursery school from A to Z

When you start a nursery project, you should know what is the difference between a nursery school and a kindergarten. The nursery is the place where children go to enjoy and have fun. In the nursery, the child’s abilities and skills are also developed, while the kindergarten or kindergarten is an educational stage to a large extent, and the entertainment aspect is few, The aim of it is education, unlike the nursery school, where the entertainment aspect dominates the educational aspect, and the child in kindergarten can learn the principles of reading and writing and learn letters, and he can write some letters at times.

Feasibility study requirements for an integrated nursery project at the lowest costs 2022 with licensing conditions

In order to be able to calculate the costs of opening a nursery in Egypt, you should first know what the requirements should be available so that you can do a nursery and profit from it, and the most important requirements are:

Choosing the location of the nursery when studying the feasibility of an integrated nursery project at the lowest costs 2022 with licensing conditions

You should choose a good location through which you can build the nursery. The place should have some controls, the most important of which is that it be well ventilated and have a good area so that you can divide it as follows:

You will do the first part, which is the classrooms that the children will have, in addition to a group of places where the student can eat his food, and apart for the bathrooms, and this is the part that is built in the place.

You should make a garden with a group of trees in addition to a group of games, through which the student can have fun and the area of ​​the modern area alone should not be less than one hundred square meters so that it accommodates the largest number of games and the largest number of children as well.

How to prepare the rooms to receive students

As for the equipment that should be inside the rooms in the nursery, it should be as follows:

Tables and chairs for children to sit on should be set up in the educational classes, and if the nursery will receive a number of children of different ages, the sizes of chairs and tables should be different to suit all age groups that will receive it in the nursery.
Bathrooms should be equipped with all the supplies that children will need to sanitize and disinfect their hands and also dry their hands, as well as a wastebasket inside each bathroom.
A refrigerator should be placed in the nursery’s kitchen so that the children’s food is kept in it, especially in the summer, instead of spoiling the food.
In the event that you receive infants, you should place more than one bed inside the rooms, in various shapes and sizes, and the bed should be secured from the sides so that the child sleeps in complete safety.
As for garden supplies, you should buy swings and slides of different sizes to suit all children, and another set of jumping games, in addition to the fact that if it is available for you to provide a modern swimming pool that accepts inflatable and packing, it can be a good game for children Especially in the summer.


How to manage the nursery after a feasibility study for an integrated nursery project at the lowest costs 2022 with licensing conditions

As for the process of managing the nursery, you should have a skill in the field of management, the skill should be before studying, you should learn the principles of managing nurseries and have a good experience so that you can take control, and it will help you in managing the nursery by bringing a group of supervisors, each supervisor supervising the A special section in the nursery, and supervision of a certain age group for children, and thus you can control the nursery.

And not only that, but that you should bring a group of women workers so that they can take care of the children while playing and clean the places where the children sit, whether the classrooms, the garden or the bathrooms as well.


Where to buy nursery furniture

There are many places from which you can bring the basic nursery furniture. At Joy & Learn Factory, you can fully equip your nursery with the lowest cost and the best materials, as the furniture is manufactured in high quality, taking into account the health and safety of the children.

Kindergarten teaching methods

There are many methods used in teaching children, there is a method known as the method of recitation, and this method is followed in many nurseries, and it has proven great efficiency in teaching children to read and write, and not only that, but this method can teach children the principles of religion, such as the method of prayer and ablution And other such things.

It is also possible to rely on Montessori games, which are one of the most important methods that have found great acceptance among children so that mothers at home are always looking for those games so that they can use them to develop the child’s skills at home.

And do not forget other educational games that develop students’ skills, as well as songs that teach children the letters of the alphabet and numbers, through which the student can master the memorization of the Arabic and English alphabets.

Procedures and conditions for licensing a nursery project in Egypt

All matters in the nursery should go smoothly, as well as obtain licenses and all procedures are legal. The most important papers required to obtain licenses are:

You will go to the relevant authorities in your city to obtain the license, with a copy of the ID card and the original to review it.
You should have a lease agreement so that you can confirm that you own the nursery.
You must have an engineering report with you, which you can obtain through the engineering department of your neighborhood.
Obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Civil Defense confirming that there are no problems or issues regarding the place where you will establish the nursery.
You should have a documented decision that the nursery is ready to use and has all the supplies.

You will submit all the procedures to the neighborhood, or the city council, and they will send people with you to inspect the place, so if the paper is proven correct, you will be able to obtain a temporary license, and after work, you can apply for a final license.

Nursery project success factors

Of course, there are many nurseries scattered in many places, but most likely the mother chooses only the nurseries that are equipped with all the equipment so that she can check on her child during the hours he will stay in the nursery, and there are some factors that must be followed and will lead to the success of the nursery project, and among the most important of those The factors include:

The use of teachers and teachers who have experience in teaching children can teach them in several different ways of learning, and thus the child can acquire new behaviors and skills.
The nursery should be kept clean constantly so that no infection occurs to the children, and care should be taken to polish the tables and polish the floors.
The place decorations should be well chosen so that they attract the attention of the children, and they can enjoy during the hours they spend in the nursery.
You should set a reasonable monthly or annual subscription to the nursery, so do not exaggerate the prices, so that you can attract a large number of children.
As for how to deal with children in the nursery, the nursery workers should be chosen carefully, so that they can deal with children lovingly, and have experience in dealing with children.
There should be a range of different activities in the nursery so that you can develop the skills of the children.
You should put surveillance cameras in all classrooms and in all places in the nursery so that you can monitor the place well.
You can organize parties on many different occasions that the children pass by, and you can invite the guardian to attend the party.
You can make a big advertisement for the nursery so that a large number of mothers can get to know the address of the nursery and the activities it offers.

Reasons for the failure of the feasibility study of the child custody project

After you know the project success factors, you should also know the project failure factors so that you can avoid them completely, and the most important methods that lead to project failure are:

Choosing an inappropriate place for the nursery is a sufficient reason for the project to fail, as mothers take great care to choose for their children a safe and well-equipped place.
You should do a good marketing and publicity campaign for the nursery, and do not stop marketing, regardless of the success of your project, and know well that if you make a bad marketing campaign, your project will not be successful.
Improper handling of children also causes failure, as the nursery workers should be well chosen so that they can deal well with children, which leads to children being endeared in the nursery.
Failure to choose different, different, good, and modern learning methods also cause the project to fail, so the educational aspect and the recreational aspect should be taken care of at the same time.
You must obtain all the licenses, and feel free to take all the measures so as not to expose yourself to any legal problem that may eventually lead to the failure of the project and its closure.


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