Design Space In Your School Smartly

Design Space In Your School Smartly

Design Space In Your School Smartly

When making schools everyone involved in the process thinks about one thing; how to be able to successfully build a school and make it work. And in order to figure this out you need to know more about your students and how you can give them the ultimate comfort in their day to day school life.

To make life easier for your students and more convenient, you must design your school efficiently. So your students will get to enjoy the educational process. The comfort of your students and the design of your school will heavily affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the educational process. 

How to design the space for a better educational experience:

  • Know your school and students’ needs:

If you have been reading our previous articles you would have known by now that each school is different depending on its type and its goals. Hence, in each school, you will need to consider such specifications when designing your school space and choosing your furniture.

First, try to put your students first and design the school around learning and make your design student oriented. You need to know that nowadays schools go more toward flexible classroom designs and flexible education rather than the standard classroom and standard education process. Such aspect will need to reflect on the design of spaces in the school, the design of classrooms, and the choice of furniture. 

  • Know your space:

Space can increase the school capabilities that you might wish to do and apply to your school. So, make sure to know your space and its unique qualities. And if you are still in the building process of making your school then this could be an amazing chance for you. As you can easily make changes to your space if needed. 

If there is any advice we can provide to you, it will be to consider the activities and the process your students will need to go through in the school and make a place for each we will talk about that later in the article no worries. 

And in case your school is already built then you might need to be creative using what you have. Still, this should not stop you from making a space for each activity. 

  • Divide and specify:

So, in order to use each space for its specific purposes you can divide the space you have and specify each space for its purposes. Start with dividing the activities (indoor, outdoor, need flexibility, needs to be standard, etc) then provide your students with each space designed specifically for its purpose. 

Some of the spaces you will need to provide:

1- Library:

So students can read and spend some time to know about other topics that interest them. Also, you can provide them with some pcs to research whatever they need. 

2- Changing room:

So, they can change into sportswear when they need to.

3- Art room:

It is necessary for students to express their creativity and express themselves through art.

4- Science lab:

As we have mentioned before this is very important so the students can make experiments themselves.

5- Computer lab: 

The computer lab will help you to teach the student about programming and computer, maybe even consider teaching them about AI. as these topics are taking off nowadays. 

6- Food court:

Kids need to have a healthy food intake every day so providing them with a food court where they can have healthy lunch at school will be a great addition to your school.

7- Break area:

So, they can have their break in. Also, you can add in it some games that can encourage group activities, collaboration, and other good qualities they need. For instance, you can add “basketball, ping bong, etc”.

8- Sports areas:

Like a soccer field, basketball court, swimming pool,  and running track. This will be an incredible addition to your school as kids need to learn sports at a young age to be healthy. 

  • Furniture:

Your furniture needs to fit such goals. Thinking about classroom furniture, you may think it easier to lean toward the standard classroom furniture and design, but know that the new schools and the new trend in education now are to make classrooms more flexible especially in furniture to allow students and teachers to make group activities and discussions and whatever they need in the teaching process thus making it more fun and easier for students to understand the subject. 

Tips and tricks:

  • Try the furniture that can easily be moved around. 
  • Choose the furniture that provides students with space and storage. 
  • Invest in smart furniture and smart solutions, like interactive whiteboards, projectors, etc.

That is it for today, we hope this article was helpful to you. Tell us more about what you want to know and if there is any question about preparing a school Joy & Learn would be more than happy to answer. 


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