Guideline For Classroom Furniture For Different Ages

Guideline For Classroom Furniture For Different Ages

Guideline For Classroom Furniture For Different Ages

School furniture is such a restless process that can make or break your whole school experience. Any parents would love to see their kids in a school that will take good care of them so try your best to show this and provide this by giving them furniture that can be comfortable and efficient to use by different age groups. Thinking beyond the norm is very important when it comes to purchasing furniture that will last for years and be used by different generations and age groups. That is why the step of procuring furniture is very important. 

So, let’s first talk about what you need to think about when purchasing furniture that needs to fit many kids.

The requirements you need to contemplate when buying furniture for your school:

  • The space: 

The space you have on hand affects the choice of furniture you can purchase or have in your classroom and school in general. So put in your mind what you need to use the space for, the space you own, and the age of the students who will use it. All of this will help you to eliminate some of the available options and will reduce the list for you. 

  • The materials: 

The materials you put with children should have a lot of weight when buying classroom furniture. Make sure to purchase furniture with materials that are safe for kids to interact with. Another thing to consider is how the materials will be affected by the conditions of your school. For example, if this furniture is placed in a sunny area, you will need to make sure that its materials will not turn toxic for kids, the colors will not wash out, and the furniture won’t fall apart due to the destruction. Also, you will need to consider the purpose of the furniture to buy the best materials for it. For instance, you might need to consider metal materials rather than plastic ones for older students’ chairs to provide durability and take their weight. This is just an example of what you will need to consider when it comes to materials.

  • Comfortability:

Make sure when procuring classroom furniture that you are choosing the right one for the right kids. Since there is no size fits all, you will need to consider their age, weight, height, learning habits, and class activities, to say the least. And remember if the kids are comfortable they will be able to learn easily. 

  • Efficiency:

The classroom furniture you will possess needs to be efficient and fit different age groups, different activities, and different needs of your students. 

  • Durability: 

Since we are here looking for the last longing pieces that can be beneficial to you and your students in the long run then make sure to have the right materials and more importantly to pick the right item for the right user for the right purposes. Obviously, if each of these were fulfilled religiously your furniture will last a long time. Then it will be a great investment. 

So, if we have the right furniture in hand still there is a major question; 

How to pick the right classroom furniture for the right students:

We have spoken a lot about how much thinking needs to go into purchasing the right classroom furniture. But when it comes to sizes many get lost and forgets to research and give the same interest to it. The furniture students use throughout the day will affect the students in many ways it affects their physical state by affecting their back, neck, feet, and overall posture. And all of this will affect their attention and focus and the efficiency of their overall educational process. 

Guideline For Classroom Furniture For Different Ages

There are some guidelines that will help you in choosing classroom furniture. First of all, when choosing the chairs, you need to make sure that the students’ feet will be able to touch the ground when sitting on the chairs, also, another good sign that this chair is the right for this student is when the knees are forming a 90-degree angle when sitting.

These guides show if your chair is suitable or needs some adjusting. 

For the table, you will need to make sure that the student can rest their hands comfortably on the table. Also, you will need to assure that the table top has between a 17-25 cm difference between the chair. This will help to make the student comfortable when sitting for long hours throughout the day. 

Adjustable furniture: 

Guideline For Classroom Furniture For Different Ages

We have mentioned that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Well, even though this is correct, still we just like many others try still to provide solutions that help those who need them. That is where the idea of adjustable furniture comes from. It helps you to adjust the height of the chairs and the tables to fit different age groups and helps to minimize the amount of furniture you need to buy. Since you can adjust the furniture depending on the need and number of students you have. Although this can help a bit still you will need to consider that this solution won’t work with all students and all situations. 

We hope this article helped you a little to decide and pick your classroom and school furniture. However, we are still here to give you extra help to prepare and fully furnish your school from scratch. This process doesn’t have to be hard with Joy & Learn. 


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