In the year 2000, we started providing services in the establishment of schools and kindergartens because of our experience in the field of school management and equipment, and in 2013 the establishment of the entity of Andalusia Company for Import, Export and General Supplies began at a time when the Egyptian market was in need of companies specialized in the field of educational and entertainment aids and equipment for institutions. educational, which meets the needs of the market in terms of equipping and establishing schools and kindergartens, so we decided to go through the experience of working in this field in order to provide an appropriate and ideal environment for children,

In 2015, we had the first opportunity to export school equipment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

the start :

The first Joy & Learn showroom was opened in 2014 and started with one branch (Tanta branch) and it was established to meet the needs of the people of Gharbia Governorate and the surrounding cities, After a while, we found an increase in the number of customers from outside the scope of the Gharbia Governorate, which was initially set by the company, and we achieved the goals that were specified in a simple period of work. Our customers demanded to open a new branch. The new branch was opened in 2015 in Cairo and soon other branches in different governorates during the year 2021, God willing.

Our vision:

To be the first company in the field of advanced high-tech educational equipment with great experience and high skill, And to always be distinguished by diversity, keeping pace with the global market, and a plurality of alternatives at competitive prices.

Our message:

Joy & Learn works in the field of school and nursery equipment, The field of educational and entertainment aids imported for educational purposes, We always strive to satisfy our customers by providing high service at prices commensurate with the quality of our products, competition in high quality local manufacturing, and opening export markets.