8 Things To Know When Making A Playground

8 Things To Know When Making A Playground

8 Things To Know When Making A Playground

Well, every school needs a playground for the kids as it has many benefits and has many healthy effects on the students’ life. Playtime can enhance children’s health and it also can help them be creative and innovative. You can also check our previous article to know more about the benefits of adding a playground to your school. 

However, today we will discuss how to build one and what you need to know before. 



At the beginning of this process, you need to determine your objectives and goals for building and adding a playground for your school. First thing, to determine your goals and objectives you need to know who will use the space, and how they will use it. For instance, if the kindergarten students are the ones who will use it then you probably will need small equipment. And if the high schoolers are the ones who will use it, then you need to consider picking bigger options and more mature options that suit them. 

One of the other things you might need to consider is how this will affect your school image. For example, if your school uses Montessori behavior in education you might need to consider adding playground equipment that can add to what you are teaching. 

Know your space and plan ahead: 

Now since you know who will use it, how they will use it, and your goals. Knowing your space is very important, according to your space, you can easily start dividing your space in your head based on the size and equipment that was previously picked for your students based on their needs. This is just a draft plan to be able to know what are the available options you can consider getting. 

Your budget:

Plan your budget in the terms of the space and the equipment you have. This will help you to expect the maximum and the minimum budget. Knowing your minimum and maximum budget will help you to set your priorities based on what you can pay.

Things to consider when picking your furniture:


Consider the different people using the playground when picking the equipment you are going to add to the playground and the different activities they will make. You can add slides, swings, a football field, a swimming pool, etc. 

Zoning your space:

Zoning your space helps you to organize the space better and also reminds you of the variable elements you need to add. For instance, when making the play area and activities area for your school and preschool, make sure to make a football field, basketball court, kids area, swimming pool, and other activities specific areas.


When it comes to kids’ furniture and playground, one of the most important thing is safety. Safety isn’t just about the equipment and the conditions around it but also the materials of the equipment. 

Your equipment:

These are some ideas for what equipment you can add in the playground. 

Note: you can add different sizes if it is used by different age groups. 


You can add slides to your playground as it adds a sweet touch and everyone loves it, you can also consider adding equipment that has swings and slides and several other equipment children can use and play with. 


Swings are one of the things that kids of all ages love. Adding them and adding a different types of them is a great addition to your playground. 

Gym toys:

Gym toys are the new trend in schools’ playgrounds. Adding this to your playground helps to teach the kids about the benefits of sports. 

Extra things to consider adding:

We have mentioned the whole items that you could need but still, there are other items that can provide extra comfort and elevate your space more. Let’s see it together. 


Adding shades to your playground is very helpful in different weather conditions. The shades can provide protection from the heat on hot summery days, they could also provide protection from the rain and snow in the other seasons. This can allow the kids to still access the playground and enjoy it if possible even if the weather is not the best. 

Tables and chairs:

Although we provided the kids with all that they need to have fun, we still should provide them with what they needed to rest. Allocating chairs and tables in the playground will allow them time to rest, and eat if they want, it will also provide a space for the teachers who are watching over the kids and taking care of them. 

Trash can:

Providing a trash can in the playground not just near it will save you a lot of a hard time and a lot of hustle. Having all of these kids in one place eating and drinking can easily look so dirty if there is no trash can.  So, take a shortcut give yourself a break and add several trash cans especially next to the tables and the places they will eat in. 

Hand sanitizers:

Adding hand sanitizers around the playground will help to encourage the kids to take care of their health and help them to keep their hands clean since they are eating, drinking and playing in the playground with all the equipment. 

Design it in 3d:

Now since you just finished picking your furniture you need to consider asking for a 3d design before actually buying the furniture. If you actually decided to do this, you will be able to skip the mistakes of getting more equipment than you need or buying less equipment than you need. Basically, if this step is done correctly you will save yourself time, effort, and even money. After making this make a last edit to your equipment list according to the 3d design. 


Now it is time for the last step. You can install the equipment make sure to install your equipment in your playground, just make sure to let the professional install the equipment for you and arrange the space according to the 3d design that was previously made in the last step.

Finally, now you have all the steps you need in your back pocket. But let me assure you, you still can use our help to make sure that every step is made professionally and with ease. 

Joy and Learn will help you to make your playground as you dream and as you wish. Don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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