13 Games To Develop Kids’ Different Abilities

13 games to develop kids' different abilities

13 Games To Develop Kids’ Different Abilities

In your preschool, there are many ways to help your kids to develop their brains and different abilities. Yet you can do this in many ways so you don’t need to bore them with academic content that they could find hard to understand because of their young age. That is why you will need to use different intellectual games to play with them. Some of these games can help in developing their brain and entrain them at the same time. 

Here are some games you can play with them in preschool or kindergarten: 

1- Remember the sequence

This is one of the oldest games ever. It is a game where the kids get to memorize the sequence of some numbers, shapes, etc, and rearrange these things from their memory. that is why it is so effective in strengthening kids’ memory and working their minds. This game helps so much in developing kids’ abilities with almost no effort as kids are naturally drawn toward it. This game could be played with shapes, colors, numbers, etc. 

2- Who is the spy? 

This game is played with more than 3 people and depending on the number of people there could be more than one spy. All the people know the same thing (place, food, basically anything) except one person. They all keep taking turns asking questions that should help them figure out who the spy is. And the spy needs to find out what is the thing they know. This game is about figuring out who is the spy. 

3- The 7 differences

Spotting the differences is a game where there are 2 pictures and the two have a number of differences and the kids need to think and search for the differences. This game helps the kids to work their minds and help them to retain their focus. This is an interactive game and can be very competitive between kids. Such games help to encourage kids to participate in the game and have fun. 

4- Memory games 

Memory games are games that have all the tiles flipped downwards and only 2 can be flipped upwards at a time. Then the player needs to figure out the similar 2 tiles. This game helps the kids to strengthen their memory and increase their attention. 

5- Rubik’s cube

This is one of the games that was so popularized that it helps in focus and develops kids’ intelligence and attention. It also helps them to work their imagination to solve the Rubik’s cube and get each color on the same side.  

6- The one-word story

This is a very fun game that is about making a story just from one word and it also could be played with several people where each person continues the previous part and the previous story through another word. This game also has a different version where they can make a story that starts with each letter in the order of the alphabet. 

13 games to develop kids' different abilities

13 games to develop kids’ different abilities

7- Solving puzzles 

Puzzles come in different shapes and types. A very well-known type is the picture puzzle where the kid will need to collect the original picture such activity will help the kids to stay focused for a long time. It also helps them in reasoning and coordination.

8- Building blocks

This is some kind of a puzzle. That the kid uses different blocks to build specific shapes that the game comes with shape pictures to help them know the shapes they need to build. This game works on kids’ logic of your kids. It also helps in their focus and kids’ imagination as they need to focus on the shape in the picture and imagine how they can attain and build such shape in real life. You can find this game on our website you can check it here

9- Hide and seek

This game is where all of the kids hide except one that seeks. This is why hide and seek gets kids to play in groups and help them practice collectivism. They can learn in this game how to interact with each other in a collective manner. This game also allows them to move around as each kid needs about 60 minutes of moving each day. 

10- Roleplay 

Role play helps kids to work their minds and their imagination and make up scenarios and act upon them. This activity helps them to know more about themselves and others. It also put them in different situations that they wouldn’t have thought about without such a game. You can also know more about their dream and concerns which will allow you to take the chance to guide them to where it is most beneficial to them. 

13 games to develop kids' different abilities

11- Woden puzzle 

The wooden puzzles are puzzles with wooden pieces that the kids use and make different shapes. Just like the blocks game this one also works on their mind and imagination. This game usually comes in bright colors to draw kids’ attention toward it. This game you can find on our website you can check it here.  

12- Solve riddles

Riddles work on kids’ curiosity and how can they connect things to each other. This helps them to develop some logical and creative connection between 2 separate things.

13- Emoji games

The emoji game is so fun and appealing to kids since they use it in expressing their emotions. It is a game where you use emojis to encode a message, a name of a movie, a place, etc and the other side needs to decode and figured out the message they encoded. The game is very flexible and could fit any genre you want. The game improves their imagination and works their reasoning. 

If you are playing with the kids then you should put something in your mind: 

  • You need to think that kids will need patience and the kids may not understand and will need extra time to explain the game. 
  • You will also need to pay attention to all the kids, especially the quiet ones.
  • You will need to practice these games many times to see the difference and the effect these games have on the kids. 
  • Make sure to give kids the opportunities to experience more and be flexible and let them add their mark to change in the game. 

These are just a few of many more you can improve the kids’ intellectual abilities, mobile abilities, and memory strength. These games will help to upgrade your preschool and school and develop your student and kids more. All of this takes time and effort yet it is such a fruitful process.   


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