10 Reasons To Start Your First Outdoor Playground

10 Reasons To Start Your First Outdoor Playground

10 Reasons To Start Your First Outdoor Playground 


The school teaches kids many qualities and skills about the world that help kids to grow and learn more about the world. That is why schools need to be welcoming and encouraging to students. That is another reason for you to consider adding an outdoor playground to your school. There are many benefits to having an outdoor space for children and students to play and learn.
Although playing is looked down upon by administrators and schools, it is actually needed for kids to increase their creativity, physical health, and much more benefits.

That is why today we will discuss the benefits of having an outdoor playground:
Playtime is a very important time in a kid’s life. When kids run around they unintentionally build their personalities and competencies that they will use in their adult life and career.

Schools’ main goal is to educate kids and prepare them for their future careers.

These are the competencies that develop while playing:

1- cognitive skills:

Kids develop their brains each and every day. Children aren’t born with a completely developed brain. In fact, their brains keep developing till people reach their 20s. That is why playtime is very important at a young age as it helps the kids to develop their brain connections. This improves the nerve cells which lately affects their reading and writing skills and more things we will discuss more later.

2- Social skills:

Playtime is very important for enhancing the social skills of your kids. In playtime, kids get to interact with their peers with little to no restrictions. In such an environment, kids get to communicate with other kids, share and cooperate with others in games, and even more importantly they learn common sense and boundaries. These qualities; they learn when interacting with peers, and competing against each other in games.
The society they develop in the playground also teaches them how to build relations and how to become leaders.

3- Physical skills:

Studies have previously shown that playtime develops the brain and helps certain parts of the brain which helps to grow the motor abilities like balance, walking, and running around. Playtime also helps to develop and strengthen the immune system, as it allows the kids to interact with nature. Getting outside and interacting with grass, dirt, wind, and sun have shown previous results to build up the immune system.

4- Creative skills:

Playgrounds help children to use their imagination to play with outdoor equipment. Sometimes playing in groups outside stimulates them to use their imagination in creating games or playing other games that enhance their innovation like role play and playing pretend.
Playing outside also triggers their senses and builds their sensory system like smells, sights, textures, and sounds. This all helps them to increase their curiosity and creativity.

5- Grow their self esteem:

The outdoor playground offers children challenges that are considered a safe risk. Such challenges offer them a chance to take the risk and challenge their fear yet remain safe. You can observe such interaction in slides, climbing walls, and even swings are challenging for some children.
When children challenge themselves in something and beat themselves they gain confidence. Later on in life, this helps them to enter life challenges confidently and with trust.

6- Increase their empathy:

While engaging with other kids in the playground there are many situations that happen and teach empathy and how to interact with one another emotions. In the playground, they learn how to solve their fights and how to calm one another when they are afraid.
That is one of the experiences that affect the kids and teach them a lot about human interactions.

7- Provide opportunities:

The outdoor playground gives opportunities for the kids to learn about different things and environments. They get the chance to interact with different people and experience different situations that help to build the child’s personality.

8- Enhance their academics:

Playtime helps a lot in making the school more fun and loveable for kids. The whole experience helps the child to gain more confidence and approach the world with more trust and less fear. All of this will enhance the child’s performance in academics and work.

9- Let them live in the real world:

Children at a young age need to interact with the real world rather than stay in a closed space surrounded by just technology. The playground is your easy shortcut to allow kids to be kids and provide them with a chance to experience what they need to be healthy adults.

10- Allow them to confront themselves:

During playtime, kids usually experience many emotions and different situations and at a young age, this could be challenging and hard, but a playground forces the kids to confront their emotions and solve the misunderstanding or disagreements. All of this helps later on in their life, it teaches them how to solve their problems and how to be leaders.

This is just a tiny bit of the benefits of the playground and the importance of playtime for kids. However, if you are thinking about giving it a chance and building a playground all for your kids we got you. Joy & Learn is a professional company specializes in educational furniture and preparations, we will make sure to provide you with all you need in any educational projects with high quality and suitable prices.
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