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In 2000 we started to provide services in in Processing and Establishment of School because of our experience in school management, then in 2013 the establishment of  Andlusia Company for exporting, importing & General Supply entity started at a time when the Egyptain Market was in need of specialized companies in Processing & Establishment of Schools, therefore we decided to work in order to provide a suitable environment for Children.

In 2015 we have our first export opportunity to equip a school in Jeddah in KSA

Our vision
To be the First Company in the field of Educational Equipments with advanced high technology with a great experience and high skills , we are always distinguished by the diversity and keeping pace with the international market and the multiplicity of prices at competitive prices.

Our Mission
We always strive to satisfy our customers by providing high quality services with competitive prices in Education Facilities at the highest level required, and create a competition in local manufacturing with high quality and open markets for export
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